Grades will continue.

Fall 2020 grades will be cumulative throughout the semester, and will be transcribed on student transcripts for post-secondary institutions. There are no grade appeals for this semester.

Student Expectations

  • Students are expected to work on school work for six hours each day. 

  • Students need to check their school email daily by 9:00am. 

  • Students need to check each course within Schoology daily by 9:00am, and not just the Schoology calendar.

  • Students should respond to emails within a 24 hour period. This will be one of the primary modes of communication.

  • Students need to check grades regularly on Infinite Campus and each Wednesday morning. 

  • Missing assignments will be indicated with a "M". These will calculate as a zero and will have a negative impact on the overall grade. Late work will be accepted per content team guidelines. 

  • Students should actively participate in class sessions and teacher office hours.

  • Students should communicate with their teachers regarding scheduling conflicts. 

  • Ask for help regularly.  Any teacher within the same subject area is available to assist you.  

Family Expectations

  • Check grades on Wednesday morning.  Communicate any discrepancy with teachers.  

  • Help your student create a daily schedule to complete school work. 

  • Encourage your student to attend all office hours and class sessions.

  • Support your students in being an advocate for themselves being encouraging them to email teachers with questions or concerns. 

  • Call the main school line with any questions or concerns (816)359-4120

  • Call the technology main line with questions or concerns (816)359-5000