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Driving to School

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Driving to school is a privilege for qualified seniors and juniors. Sophomores will be able to qualify for parking after October 1st depending on availability. Qualifying and maintaining eligibility is based upon regular punctuality attendance, no outstanding fines, disciplinary issues, and good citizenship. While the school will seek to maintain the safety of the car and its content, authorized students must understand that they are fully responsible for their vehicle.

All vehicles parked on a school campus must be registered and have a parking permit. Vehicles without a valid parking permit may be fined, detained or towed without additional notice.

To Obtain a Parking Sticker You Need:

  • Completed PHS Vehicle Registration Form
  • Valid MO Driver’s License
  • Current Proof of Insurance
  • Current MO Vehicle Registration
  • Paid $15.00/semester or $30.00/yearly Parking Fee Receipt: Payment on Parent Portal
  • All fines must be paid to be eligible for a parking sticker.  

Temporary Parking Pass

Temporary parking pass can be obtained for students at a daily rate if a different car has to be driven. Temporary parking passes can be bought in the Discipline Office.
• For students who have purchased a current parking sticker the fee is $.50/day or $1.00/week.
• For students who have NOT purchased a parking sticker and need to drive temporarily the fee is $1.00/day or $5.00/week.

Permanent Vehicle Changes During School Year

In the event you have a permanent vehicle change during the school year, remove the old sticker and bring it to the attendance office for a new sticker at no cost. If you cannot remove your sticker you will be charged a $5.00 fee for a new sticker. All new vehicles will need new: Vehicle Registration Forms (state and PHS) and Proof of Insurance.

Temporary License Plate

If vehicle has a paper license plate, a temporary parking pass will be given to the student until the new state registration is available. Temporary parking passes will expire the same day as the temporary license plate. To receive the temporary parking pass, student must complete all other steps of the PHS registration process and provide proof temporary license plate.


Elizabeth Rodriguez