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Advanced Placement/Dual Credit

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Dual Credit 

There are many advantages of taking a course of rigor at Park Hill South, including:

  • Receiving transferable college credit;
  • Gaining essential time management and organizational skills;
  • Acquiring study skills at a deep level;
  • Preparing for the rigorous content of the ACT and/or SAT; and
  • Developing a well-rounded academic transcript for college admissions

High School Dual Credit Contact:    Angela Sharp | | 816.359.6570

MCC Dual Credit Contacts:  
Keri Cerda Reynolds | | 816.604.3201
Lori Callow | | 816.604.3005

Fall 2024:  Dual Credit Enrollment Information


Dual Credit Enrollment Steps

If a PHS student intends to earn college credit (in addition to the high school credit), the following steps must be completed.

Course Offerings

See our course handbook to see all of our AP and Dual Credit offerings.