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Academic Support

Multi-Tiered System of Support (MTSS) is our process for support.  Park Hill South has a robust system that supports students that may be struggling academically, behaviorally or emotionally. Every two weeks a report that includes all student Ds and Fs is reviewed by the MTSS Coordinator and administrators.  Teachers work closely with our MTSS Coordinator to identify classroom interventions and when additional interventions are needed by a team approach that includes the student’s teacher, counselor, administrators (as needed), social worker (as needed), and nurses (as needed).

The below flow chart demonstrates our process to catch all students that need additional support:

PHS Academic RtI Process Flow Chart (PDF)

The below pyramid shows the various interventions Park Hill South will explore to support each student.  Supports can vary and extend beyond this list as they are tailored to each student. 

PHS MTSS Academic Pyramid of Interventions (PDF)

Academic Support

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