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Student Support Team

​The Park Hill South Counseling Program is a fully implemented comprehensive school counseling program that is an integral part of a school district's total educational program.  It is developmental by design and includes sequential activities organized and implemented by school counselors with the active support of parents/guardians, teachers, administrators, and the community. It supports the academic, career, and social/emotional development of all students through the delivery of counseling curriculum, individual student planning, and responsive services. The program is managed and evaluated through system support activities that also support the on-going mission of the school. 

Our People

PHS Student Support Program Includes


Find out ways to request transcripts. 

Community Resources

Please visit Student and Family Support on the district website for additional resources. 


Check out the district's high school career and education planning guide as you prepare for enrollment.

College Planning


Xello is a college and career planning tool for students and families to take career assessments,  learn about careers, search for colleges and universities, and more!

To access the site, please visit the following:

  1. Go to the Park Hill School District Portal
  2. Select "XELLO".  Your student will be automatically logged in!


Learn more about the tests you can take, and ways to prepare. 

Paying for College

Career Planning Information


Angie Sharp
Counselor: A-Cq

Jennifer Grossman
Counselor: Cr-G

​Andy Dale
Counselor: H-La

April McReynolds
Counselor: Lb-O

Chris Nutt
Counselor: P-Sl

Traci Dorrell
Counselor: Sm-Z

Sarah Leibrand
Social Worker: A-He

Lauren Elmore
Social Worker: Hf-Z

Greg Knepper
504 Coordinator

Katie Manga
MTSS Coordinator

Jen O'Brien
Administrative Assistant

Types of PHS Counseling Services

The Park Hill South Counseling Department strives to enable students to reach their academic and human potential. To attain this goal, we offer the following services:

  • ​Individual academic planning and advisement
  • Crisis counseling 
  • Academic counseling
  • Individual Career and Academic Plan development
  • ​Individual counseling 
  • Small group and large group counseling
  • Assistance with course selection and scheduling 
  • College information and planning 
  • Post-secondary information and planning 
  • Career exploration
  • Meetings and collaboration with students, parents, teachers, administrators 
  • ​Classroom presentations on school counseling related topics​

Earning College Credit

Read more about earning college credit on our advanced placement/dual credit section of the website. 

Coffee and Conversation

Hosted through Microsoft Teams. Check your email the week of the event for the link to join us. 

2023-24 Calendar/Topics

  • September 1:  4 Year Planning
  • October 6:  College Application Logistics
  • November 3: Scholarships 101
  • December 1:  Understanding Financial Aid
  • January 12: AP vs. Dual Credit 
  • February 2: College Planning for Underclassmen
  • March 1: ACT Basics
  • April 5: Incoming 9th Grader Tips & Tricks 

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