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Student Sense of Belonging Committee


  • Provide student perspectives into our building systems and practices and how they impact student sense of belonging at Park Hill South.
  • Provide input into the implementation of a student incentive/rewards system as part of the district's Positive Behavior Supports (PBS) program.
  • Provide input into Tutorial lessons provided to students.
  • Provide input into the development of a student mentoring system.
  • Grow in our learning about student sense of belonging at Park Hill South.



Focused on increasing student recognition across the building in areas of student achievement, cultural awareness, and student impact on the building. This team is supported by Mrs. Angie Sharp.


Provides input and support to the development of Tutorial lessons and activities.  It is responsible for telling the story of this organization and collecting feedback from the student body at large.  This team is supported by Mr. Andy Dale.


Working alongside the building's Positive Behavior Support (PBS) team to provide input into the building incentive system for positive behavior. This team is supported by Mrs. Traci Dorrell.


Working to develop a mentoring system for both freshmen and students new to Park Hill South.  This team is supported by Ms. Jennifer Grossman.

How to Get Involved

Contact Mrs. Markley or stop by the office.

Meeting Times

Large Group:
First Thursday of the month during tutorial

Schedule is set by team leaders