Eligibility Requirements

A+ Enrollment Form (PDF)

Eligibility Requirements (High School)

  1. Be a US citizen or a permanent resident.

  2. Attend an A+ designated school for at least two years prior to graduation (A+ schools are state of Missouri only).

  3. Complete the Enrollment form to join Park Hill South A+.

  4. Attain an attendance rate of at least 95% by graduation.

  5. Earn at least a 2.5 cumulative, unweighted grade point average by graduation (4-year colleges/universities may have higher minimum GPA requirement).

  6. Complete at least fifty (50) hours of unpaid tutoring and/or mentoring. Students may earn up to 12.5 hours of the 50 in a pre-approved job shadow.

  7. Maintain a record of good citizenship and avoidance of unlawful use of drugs and alcohol. Students may not accumulate 10 days OSS for any reason.

  8. Score proficient or advanced on the Algebra I end-of-course exam (or substitute).

  9. Apply for federal financial assistance (Free Application for Federal Student Aid- FAFSA).

  10. Register for Selective Service (All males who turn 18 prior to high school graduation).

Steps to A+ Completion

  1. Complete the A+ Enrollment Form

  2. Complete the one-time A+ training/workshop

  3. Watch daily announcements and posted bulletins for A+ opportunities and sign up for activities in the A+ Office (B106).

  4. Work 50 M&T hours; maintain 2.5 GPA, 95% attendance, and good citizenship; score proficient or advanced on the Algebra I EOC

  5. Return all paperwork to A+ Office; never assume that we have your hours—it is the student’s responsibility to turn in M&T hours

  6. Senior Year (see documents & links tab)
    a.    Complete Final Survey/Reflection
    b.    Complete FAFSA www.studentaid.ed.gov/ by the federal deadline 
    c.    Meet all eligibility requirements by graduation
    d.    Request a copy of your final transcript be sent to the school of your choice

Disclaimer Notice

All funding and requirements for the A+ Scholarship Program are contingent upon yearly renewal and appropriations by the Missouri General Assembly.