Outside Consultant

Park Hill South has partnered with Danica Moore since 2018.  Danica has streamlined our CRT efforts and provided multiple professional development sessions with our entire staff, Inclusion and Equity Council, and individual administrators.


Over the past three years, Danica has facilitated numerous professional development sessions over topics which drives the learner through their own journey of inclusion and equity.  This includes different sessions with teachers, staff and students.  Below are some of the learning experiences she has engaged.

  • The ability to listen to understand
  • Courageous conversations regarding inclusion and equity
  • Student focus groups and their experiences in and out of Park Hill South.
  • Implicit and explicit biases training
  • Six cultural capitals:  aspirational, linguistic, familial, social capital, navigational and resistance

Ms. Moore is an Experienced Founder with a demonstrated history of working in the education management industry.  She is skilled in Program Evaluation, Curriculum Development, Research, Educational Leadership and Program Development.  Danica is a strong professional with a B.S.E. focused in Elementary education and Teaching from the University of Kansas, as well as an M.S.E. focused in Curriculum and Instruction with an emphasis in TESOL.  Ms. Moore has advanced knowledge facilitating for racial equity, race relations and intersectional equity content.  She designs custom workshops and training modules for multiple institutions including education, city governance and businesses.