Freshman and New Student Information

Welcome to Park Hill South High School. We are excited to welcome you as the newest members of the Panther family! Below you will find a list of to-do items for you and your student prior to your first day of classes at Park Hill South High School.

Freshmen and New Student Orientation
New Students who will be attending PHS in-person for fall 2021
August 20th 8:00am - 10:00am
This is a STUDENT ONLY event

#1 Who is who at Park Hill South High School

We want you to have the opportunity to find out more information about important aspects of Park Hill South High School. Please follow each of the links to find out more about Park Hill South.
   * Administrators
   * Staff Directory
   * Counselors
   * Social Worker
   * Nurse
   * School Resource Officer
   * Main School Phone Number: 816-359-4120
   * PHS Attendance Line: 816-359-4121

#2 Log in to the Park Hill Portal (student only)

Visit the Park Hill Portal and log in using your student ID number (S#) and your password. This is the location that you will be able to log in to other websites and resources that you will use at Park Hill South High School.

#3 Log in to your student email (student only)

After logging into the Park Hill Portal click on the "Outlook Web Access" icon. This looks like a blue envelope with a large "O." Here you will access your Park Hill School District email. This will be an important tool as communication from the school will go through this email.

# 4 School Supply List 2021-2022

School Supply List Survey
School Supply List 2021-22

#5 Please click on the tabs below to ensure you understand its content