Impact Testing

Dear Parent/Guardian,

Park Hill School District is currently implementing an innovative program for our student-athletes. This program will assist our team physicians/athletic trainers in evaluating and treating head injuries (e.g., concussion). In order to better manage concussions sustained by our student-athletes, we have acquired a software tool called ImPACT (Immediate Post Concussion Assessment and Cognitive Testing). ImPACT is a computerized exam utilized in many professional, collegiate, and high school sports programs across the country to successfully diagnose and manage concussions. If an athlete is believed to have suffered a head injury during competition, ImPACT is used to help determine the severity of head injury and when the injury has fully healed.

The computerized exam is given to athletes before beginning contact sport practice or competition. This non-invasive test is set up in “video-game” type format and takes about 30-45 minutes to complete. It is simple, and actually many athletes enjoy the challenge of taking the test. Essentially, the ImPACT test is a preseason physical of the brain. It tracks information such as memory, reaction time, speed, and concentration. It, however, is not an IQ test.

If a concussion is suspected, the athlete will be required to re-take the test. Both the preseason and post-injury test data is used to help evaluate the injury. The information gathered can also be shared with your family doctor. The test data will enable these health professionals to determine when return-to-play is appropriate and safe for the injured athlete. If an injury of this nature occurs to your child, you will be promptly contacted with all the details.

I wish to stress that the ImPACT testing procedures are non-invasive, and they pose no risks to your student-athlete. We are excited to implement this program given that it provides us the best available information for managing concussions and preventing potential brain damage that can occur with multiple concussions. The Park Hill School District administration, coaching, and athletic training staffs are striving to keep your child’s health and safety at the forefront of the student athletic experience. If you have any further questions regarding this program please feel free to contact the Park Hill Athletic Department at 359-4100 or the Park Hill South Athletic Department at 359-4120.

ImPACT Information for Parents

What is ImPACT?

ImPACT (Immediate Post-Concussion Assessment and Cognitive Testing) is the first, most-widely used, and most scientifically validated computerized concussion evaluation system. ImPACT was developed IN THE 1990s to provide useful information to assist qualified practitioners in making sound return to play decisions following concussions.

Why use ImPACT?

Given the inherent complexities of concussion management, it is important to manage concussions on an individualized basis and to implement baseline testing and/or post-injury neurocognitive testing whenever possibe. Neurocognitive assessment can help to objectively evaluate the concussed athlete's post-injury condition and track recovery for safe return to play, thus preventing the cumulative effects of concussion. In fact, neurocognitive testing has been called the "cornerstone" of proper concussion management by an international panel of sports medicine experts.

Who is currently using ImPACT?

Some of the individuals using ImPACT include all of MLB, NHL, NFL and WWE. Over 6000 high schools, 1,300 colleges and universities, 1,200 clinical centers, 225 professional teams, select military units, Cirque du Soleil, New Zealand and South African rugby teams also use ImPACT.

What does the ImPACT test look like?

To view a demo of the ImPACT test please visit their website at,
ImPACT is not: A diagnostic test, ImPACT is one tool that can be used by medical professionals to help measure an individual’s recovery from a concussion
ImPACT is not: A one step solution to concussions
ImPACT is not: A preventative tool, nothing can prevent concussions
ImPACT is not: A substitute for medical treatment or management
ImPACT is not: A replacement for a cat scan, MRI or other medical technology
ImPACT is not: A home-based test, ImPACT should always be administered in the presences of a trained supervisor

Where can I go to learn more about the ImPACT Test?

Please visit ImPACT’s website,