Message to Park Hill

Dr. Cowherd's Message to Our Park Hill Family
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Dear Park Hill Family,

Many members of our Park Hill family are hurting right now. Our hearts are with our students, staff and families for whom George Floyd’s death is another horrible reminder of systemic racism. 

As individuals, we cannot look away from the outpouring of heartbreak and anger across our city, across our country and across our world. We must look at our own hearts and minds and ask ourselves what work we need to do.

And as a district, we must take a hard look at the work we’ve done to address racism and bigotry in Park Hill. These issues are not new, and it is time to stop kicking the can down the road. Our students deserve our respect, care and support. If we are to truly embody our district values, which include equity, high expectations and integrity, we must take the beginnings of the work we have done in our schools and our workplaces, and we must find ways to do more and do better. 

This means building on our efforts over the last five years to create culturally responsive classrooms that are inclusive, safe spaces for each student to bring their whole self. 

Our vision is to build success futures – each student – every day. In order to build successful futures, we must make sure that we value, honor and celebrate each student in our school district. We are committed to doing the work to reach that vision.

Jeanette Cowherd