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The writing process/developing an outline

Developing a thesis statement


Prewriting-Breaking Through Writer’s Block

                Open-ended Writing

                Loop Writing

Sentence Tutorial Sentences Tutorial.docx

Transitions - Use transitions to show relationships between ideas and paragraphs, to show a change of
ideas, and to help your paper flow smoothly.

MLA and APA Style:   

Graphic Organizers

Graphic Organizer –Persuasive/Argumentative Writing 

Graphic Organizer – Narrative Writing 

Graphic Organizer – Explanatory Writing 

College Application Essay Suggestions 

Video Instruction

Simple, compound and complex sentences

Independent and dependent clauses

Khan Academy Simple and Compound Sentences

Khan Academy Compound and Complex Sentences

Khan Academy Identifying the Theme in an Essay

Khan Academy video-comma usage

Khan Academy video-colon and semicolon

Counseling Brag Sheet with notes.pdf