Panther Mentors

Each Student Deserves a Mentor!

We have more than 80 Panther Mentors!

Park Hill South strives to meet the needs of each student, both in the classroom and in partnership with our mentor program. The Panther Mentor Program is a one-to-one mentorship that strategically matches a student with a mentor based on student interests and needs.  The focus of each mentorship is to encourage, support, motivate, challenge, and inspire students to reach their potential now and in their future. This includes 20 minutes of relationship building with their mentor each week during the school year. For some, this means the focus stays on supporting their academics through tutoring and/or accountability where others benefit from taking a break from class to talk through a personal challenge.  Each student in our mentor program continues with their mentor throughout their tenure at PHS, and beyond!

We asked our mentees what their mentor meant to them. See their responses below.

world cloud for mentorship

Expectations of Mentors:

  • Complete PHSD volunteer application (if not current PHSD employee) and receive approval from District Office. 

  • Attend 1 training session with Mentor Coordinator prior to start of mentorship relationship. 

  • Commit 20 minutes of contact per week or more with student mentee.

  • Provide genuine and consistent investment throughout high school tenure of student.

  • Support student mentee in specific areas such academics, behavior, skill sets, interests, and personal growth.  

  • Communicate all meeting times and places to parents/guardian of student mentee. 

  • Document/submit contact log information on scheduled basis. 

  • Adapt to needs of student mentee provided to you by Mentor Coordinator and student. 

  • Attend mentor/mentee events throughout school year as able. 

  • Report all concerns regarding student safety and well being immediately to Mentor Coordinator. 

  • Celebrate accomplishments and wins of mentee!!!

For more information about our Panther Mentor Program or to get involved, please contact Katie Manga at or (816) 359-6092.