WICOR - Writing, Inquiry, Collaboration, Organization, Reading
AVID's proven learning support structure, known as WICOR, incorporates teaching/learning
methodologies in the critical areas of Writing to Learn, Inquiry, Collaboration, Organization, and Reading to Learn.  WICOR provides a learning model that educators can use to guide students in comprehending concepts and articulating ideas at increasingly complex levels (scaffolding) within developmental, general education, and discipline-based curricula.  Furthermore, the WICOR model reflects and promotes the expertise and attitudes that will serve students well in their academic lives and careers.

How does AVID help students become college ready?

AVID’s curriculum is centered around research-based best practices, called WICOR strategies:

  • Writing – Daily writing, such as Cornell note-taking, learning logs, quickwrites and reflections, process writing, peer evaluation, et al
  • Inquiry – Building inquiry into daily lessons with the use of skilled questioning techniques, Costa’s Levels of Thinking, Socratic Seminars, investigations and question-guided research
  • Collaboration – Fostering teamwork skills through activities like Socratic Seminars, Philosophical Chairs, group activities and projects, peer editing, etc.
  • Organization - Building organizational skills through time management, binder organizational system, backwards-mapping agendas and goal setting, and organized note-taking.
  • Reading – Building reading skills in every subject through deep reading strategies, note-taking, graphic organizers, vocabulary building, and summarizing

The WICOR model can be found in all PHS classrooms.