AVID Success Story - Sharon Burns

ShaSharon Burnsron Burns, a 2017 Park Hill South graduate credits the AVID program for helping her achieve her dream of attending college.

"Before AVID, I was struggling to keep my assignments organized and completed on time, as well as struggling with how to balance my school life with life at home.  I always knew I wanted to be a doctor when I grew up and had all of the motivation, but none of the tools. 

My dad didn't go to college and my stepmom didn’t know the steps to make a college education a reality for me.   With the help of the Park Hill South AVID Site Elective, I was able to really use my motivation and push through my classes.  In some of my classes understanding the curriculum wasn’t the issue, but organizing my assignments was the challenge. 

In other classes I struggled to grasp the concepts of the curriculum and needed help understanding what was being taught.  Tutorial help was difficult because, I was ahead of my classmates but still needed extra help in understanding the concepts being taught.  The Tutorial Response Form process taught in AVID helped me to ask meaningful questions that assisted my teachers to help me understand the lessons they were teaching.  The Cornell Note Format helped me to stay focused during class, as it gave me a format to follow with note-taking and how to use my notes to study for assignments and tests.  All of the concepts taught in AVID gave me life skills I still use today.  I still use a planner to keep track of both school assignments, deadlines, appointments and commitments at home.  I still use both an electronic and hard copy of BOB; and using Cornell Notes still helps me focus in lectures where the teacher just talks without a PowerPoint presentation to better explain the concepts of the lecture and no obvious way to tell what is important. 

When I meet with my professors during office hours, I can ask meaningful questions that allow me to get the best information possible.  While my goals in life might be changing due to a realization of how well I can stress, I still have all the tools to communicate with whom I need to, and to succeed in whatever option I choose."

Sharon Burns Graduation

Sharon Burns  - AVID Success Story
From Park Hill South to Rockhurst College
*  $23,000 in Scholarships
*  Pre-Med Major