AVID Site Team

AVID Coordinator - Clay Lenhert 

Purpose:  To work with Administration, Site Team and Staff in realizing School-Wide AVID as a means to strengthening the core instruction at Park Hill South High School, in turn increasing access to and equity for college and career readiness for all students at Park Hill South.  Mr. Lenhert oversees and schedules the AVID tutors, drives the AVID School-Wide goals and direction by sharing techniques and materials to help staff members work with students, facilitates AVID Site team meetings, and coordinates AVID parent involvement activities.  

Site Team Members listed below meet on the first and third Wednesdays every month during Staff Collaboration time.

  • Ariel Anib - Foreign Language
  • Elizabeth Brockoff - Music
  • Steven De La Piedra - Business
  • Laura Deering - Science
  • Lindsey Diepenbrock - Science
  • Dr. Elizabeth Esco* - Administration
  • Shelly Evans - Social Studies
  • Dallas Giedd - Math
  • Ryan Harris - Special Education
  • Dr. Kerrie Herren* - Administration
  • Deborah Landuyt* - Science
  • Christopher Leibrand - Business
  • Tracy Mangels - Industrial Technology
  • Jennifer Mattson - Social Studies
  • Russ McDaniels* - English Language Arts
  • Andy Schuerman - Counseling
  • Brad Sellers - Special Education
  • Kathy Thompson - Art
  • Alicia Walker* - Social Studies
  • Melvin Walker - Physical Education

*Indicates Leadership Team Member