Individual Career and Academic Plan

Each student meets with their counselor one-on-one throughout the school year to discuss their four-year academic plan.  These plans bring focus to the learner taking the right courses that meet their college and career goals after high school.  Four-year plans are housed on Infinite Campus and students have access to make changes to their plans throughout the school year as life experiences and goals change.  Parents and Guardians are highly encouraged to have conversations with their student(s) regarding their academic plans.  Each March the students’ academic plans translate into their course request for the subsequent year. Therefore, it is important academic plans are updated and accurate. 

Questions to talk through with your student(s) regarding their Four-Year Plans:

  • What are your goals after high school?

  • What do you want to explore now, for free, to explore your interest in college and career explorations?

  • How are you challenging yourself academically as well as providing balance to things you are interested and excited about? 

  • Why did you pick these classes? (It should not be because their friends did.)


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