5th Hour

The mission of 5th Hour is to provide a time and space where ALL students can come seek extra help from content teachers, receive support and encouragement in their general courses of study, find their strengths in advanced placement classes, and foster an environment for overall positive personal growth. 

5th Hours is staffed and overseen by our MTSS Coordinator, Katie Manga. You can contact Mrs. Manga at 816-359-6092 or mangak@parkhill.k12.mo.us.

In addition, we have three full-time teachers and peer tutors at 5th Hour:

When is it?

Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays

2:45 - 4:30 PM



**Athletes are encouraged to participate while coaches are in their teacher collaborations.

2:00 - 3:45 PM

Where is it?

Park Hill South’s Library Media Center.

Who is it for?

5th Hour is open for all students.  Students taking their first advanced placement or dual credit courses are highly encouraged to participate. Students struggling in a course, or perhaps just a topic in a course, also will highly benefit from working with content area teachers.  Many students will also utilize 5th Hour as a safe and comfortable area to work on school work before heading off to other obligations or distractions.

How do I sign up?

Students may show up for 5th Hour as needed and as often as desired.  If students want to take advantage of free bus transportation, they must sign up for it by 2:30 PM by using this form.

How does transportation work?

We provide bus transportation home everyday except on Wednesdays.  Students needing bus transportation must sign up by 2:30 PM.  Buses leave Park Hill South at 4:30 pm and operate like a shuttle. Each bus has an area they serve and stop throughout their routes as needed, determined by students on the bus that night. 

Who can utilize the free transportation? 

Students staying after school for any supervised extracurricular activity may take advantage of the free bus service by signing up with this form before 2:30 PM. Students utilizing the bus transportation that are not in 5th Hour will gather in the commons area and be released to the bus.  5th Hour students will remain in the library until they are released to the bus. 


Interested in being a peer tutor for 5th Hour?

Sign up to be a tutor with the form, or see Mrs. Katie Manga.