AVID Application

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Dear Students and Parents/Guardians: 

Park Hill South welcomes all incoming 9th grade students to apply to the Park Hill South AVID program. AVID, Advancement Via Individual Determination, is a college readiness program at PHS that is designed to increase school wide learning and performance. It accelerates student learning, uses research based methods of effective instruction, provides meaningful and motivational professional learning, and acts as a catalyst for preparing students to be college and career ready when they leave high school. AVID is not an ‘at risk’ program. AVID is a college and career preparatory program and is currently being used in over 3,500 schools throughout the country. The application process is open to all incoming freshmen. 

How does my child get accepted to AVID? 

Students are accepted into the AVID program after a careful screening process. Students need to fill out the online application located HERE and submit it by Wednesday, March 13, 2019. Selected students will be interviewed at Lakeview Middle School by a panel of teachers and counselors. From the application and interview process, decisions will be made on acceptance into AVID. Parents and students need to understand that participation is voluntary; however, it is the student who needs to be committed in order to be successful. 

What is required of an AVID Student? 

AVID students are not only enrolled in our school’s most challenging and rigorous classes, but also enrolled in the AVID elective class. The elective class, held within the regular school day, provides support, academic monitoring, and tutoring. In this class students learn organizational and study skills, work to think critically, ask probing questions, and participate in enrichment and motivational activities. Students keep track of assignments and are required to take daily notes in all academic classes. Notebooks are graded weekly for content and organization by college tutors. In addition, students are taught study skills, test preparation, time management, and the writing process. 

What Can Parents do to Support AVID Students?

Communication between the AVID teacher and the parent(s) is essential. At home, parents can see to it that students are doing their homework in a quiet place with few interruptions. In addition, stressing your belief that your student can succeed in high school and attend college will also motivate students to work harder and achieve more. 


Kerrie Herren, Ed.D. 
Assistant Principal
Park Hill South High School