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Outdoor Classroom

outdoor classroom

Goal: The outdoor classroom and nature trail project is an educational facility created with the primary goal of providing authentic learning and curricular enhancement opportunities beyond the traditional classroom setting for all students.Welcome to the PHS Outdoor Classroom. The classroom was created to expand student's learning opportunity and give students the possibility to observe and have a deeper understanding of the environment. Its also gives students hands on experience with the environment. Many steps were taken to make the classroom accessible for everyone. During construction steps were also taken to make sure the classroom disrupted the environment as little as possible.

Bird houses were purchased with grant money from the Park Hill Education Foundation. They were all painted by students in the art department. They will provide habitat for various birds.

We have a water management issue. Our trail runs through various water paths. As a result, we are constantly working with our environment to manage this issue.

We purchased a bird bath and bench with funds from the Park Hill Education Foundation. We have a natural clearing about half way down the path that provides a natural clearing for some seating and nature appreciation

We have enhanced a natural amphitheater with large limestone rocks for additional student seating in our classroom area. The stones were purchased and placed with grant money for the Platte County Parks and Recreation Department.

We purchased bird feeders with grant money from the Park Hill Education Foundation. There are several of them around the nature area to encourage birds to inhabit the area.