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Inclusion and Equity

photo of diverse hands

Dear Park Hill South Panthers: 
Hear our commitment to you. We are all Park Hill South.

Inclusion and Equity Belief Statement

PHS is committed to developing a school community where each student has a high sense of belonging, including:

  • A safe environment to learn, be themselves, explore and to dream.
  • A school that creates intentional spaces to engage, sustain and deepen our understandings of diversity and equity.
  • Enrollment and achievement data that mirrors our school demographics.
  • An understanding that each individual in our community is on their own (continuous) journey of inclusion and equity.

Purpose Statement

To facilitate best practices to our systems (Professional Learning Community, Student Intervention Team, Leadership Committee and Trusted Adults) through critical inquiry to close the College and Career Readiness (CCR) and Equal Opportunity Schools (EOS) gap.