Salt Water Fish Exhibits
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One of the most expensive ocean fish, the Blue Marlin (known as the Swordfish in) despite appearing all the time in late summer, is actually very hard to find.


Blue M
Butterfly Fish The Butterfly Fish is a small yellow reef fish that appears in the ocean from April to September.
The Clownfish is an orange fish with white stripes. It can be found in the ocean as one of the tiniest fish there is. It appears all day from April to September.
Jellyfish The Jellyfish is a unique fish. It has the shortest range of any fish (August 15th through August 30th)
The Napoleon fish, more widely known in society as the Humphead Wrasse, is a big, brilliant, blue and hard-to-come-by fish in the series with a distinctive humped head along with small green indented eyes that look like eyelashes. It is one of the very large sized Ocean-going fish Napoleon fish

Sea Butterflies

Sea Butterflies are a species of mollusk/mollusc that live in the sea. They can be caught in the during winter and are the only winter fish that cast such a small shadow in the sea, and so can be identified with ease. This is a reference to real life, where they inhabit cold seas.

The Moray Eel is a rare fish introduced in Animal Crossing: City Folk. It is yellow with a brown top and tail. The fish has a very large shadow when in the water which is identical to the Sea Bass. You can tell the difference by the number of times the fish taps on the fishing rod. The Moray Eel only taps once or twice before pulling it in.

Moray Eel
Surgeonfish The Surgeonfish is an uncommon fish found in the ocean all day between the months of April and September

The Zebra Turkey fish is a fish that can be found in the ocean during the months of April through to November, at any time of the day. It has a small shadow.

Zebra Turkey Fish

Ocean Sunfish The Ocean Sunfish is a fish that appears during the summer months, from 4 am to 9 pm. It is the least valuable member of the finned fish group. Its shadow, characteristic of this group, is huge and has a fin protruding from the ocean.