Food Drive

Food Drive
Food Drive

Key Club, along with Student Council, is re-launching a food drive starting on Tuesday, November 27th  and ending on Friday, December 7th. We are working with Northland Kids in the effort to supply PHS and the community with food as the holiday season approaches. We have five meal plans (see below) that we want donated to the school. We are organizing this drive as a school wide competition between tutorials to see who can supply the most mini meals.


Meal 1:

Boxed milk – shelf stable

Single serve of sunbutter/peanut butter with peel lid

2 packs of saltine crackers (or small package of club cracker wheat)

Single serve of applesauce

Granola bar

Baked or sun chips


Meal 2:

Box of 100% fruit Juice

Chicken (pop top) or chicken salad in an individual box/ pop top can

Granola bar

Single serve Chex mix


Meal 3:

Box of single serve shelf stable chocolate milk

Tuna (zip top or pop top)

Single serve fruit cocktail

Granola Bar

Trail mix


Meal 4:

Box of single serve shelf stable white milk

Hormel product with pop top lid

Single serve diced peaches

Granola Bar

Whole Grain pretzels