Writing Center

The Writing Center is a place where students go to obtain assistance with all phases of the writing process, to help writers become more effective writers.

Writing Support Services

  • Strategies for getting ideas, writing drafts, improving expression by tightening, sharpening, and deleting.
  • A place to talk about ideas, to engage in the trial and error process of composing.
  • Available resources include writing effective topic sentences, revising guidelines, graphic organizers, writing research papers, MLA, APA, transitions, compare and contrast, and to help students feel confident about making changes on their own.


Accessing the Writing Center

  • The first phase of the writing center includes all ELA courses.  Additional subjects and courses will be added in future phases.
  • Referral from a teacher or student through their ELA teacher.
    • Students submit a sign-in sheet (see Sign-In / Sign-Out Tab) to let the writing center teacher know specifically where they are focusing on helping the student.
  • One-on-One sessions for 20-minutes or small group (seven of less students) appointments.
  • Location: 1st, 2nd and 4th Block: E105 with Dr. Whitlow
                    3rd Block (fall): A205 with Mr. Messer
                    3rd Block (spring): B103 with Ms. Holden
                    5th Hour / After School: Library with Mr. Dale

Goals of the Writing Center

  • Serve 200 students per month, 50 per week, 10 per day;
    • Evaluation: Appointments
  • Provide more individualized, collaborative assistance with writing, to prepare students for competency testing, and to supplement instruction in writing courses and topics; and
    • Evaluation: GPA, ELO (see ELO Webpage) and assignment comparisons of students utilizing the writing center.
  • Foster a positive attitude toward writing and encourage students to feel more confident about engaging in communication.
    • Evaluation: Student, parent and staff surveys and writing center exit surveys.