Career and Education Planning Guide

Career and Education Planning Guide

 Click the link above to access the Career and Education Planning Guide. It contains information about:

  • Courses offered and their grade levels and prerequisites; 
  • Recommended courses of study; 
  • Schedule change policy/dropping a class; 
  • Valedictorian selection, grade point averages, Academic Letters and grade card distribution schedules; 
  • Advanced Placement and Dual Credit classes and policies; 
  • Support and academic programs such as the A+ Scholarship, Summer School, AVID and online/blended learning; 
  • NCAA eligibility information; and, 
  • Professional Studies, Northland CAPS and Northland Career Center information. 


Park Hill South offers many, wonderful, elective courses. Here is some additional information about some of those courses: 

English Language Arts

While most English Language Arts (ELA) classes that students take are required for graduation, there are options for how to satisfy those requirements at the junior and senior levels. In addition, there are ELA electives that are great ways to develop students' love of reading and writing, along with better prepare for college entrance exams (i.e. ACT, SAT) and for college itself. Learn more about these classes by clicking here


Click here to see a video about the Journalism/Mass Media classes, including Journalism/Mass Media, Photojournalism, Newspaper and Yearbook. 

Students must apply to be on the staff of the Yearbook (South Paw) and Newspaper (The View). Click here for the application for both of those publications. The deadline to apply for the staff of these publications for next year is February 17, 2017. 

Family & Consumer Sciences (FACS) 

Click here to see a flier about the various course options in the Family & Consumer Sciences department, including Nutrition & Foods, Child Growth & Development, Fashion & Apparel and Housing & Interior Environment.