ACT Junior Test day

ACT test day
ACT test day
Dear Students and Parents,

On Tuesday, April 19, 2017, all junior students in the Park Hill School District will participate in Statewide Testing of the American College Test (ACT). The test will be administered at their respective high school site and will occur during the school day. This test will count toward post-secondary entrance and NCAA eligibility and will be given to every junior free of charge. The following sections outline some common questions and answers regarding the Statewide ACT administration.
Do I need to do anything to sign up?
You do not need to sign your student up for this test. Your school has already registered your student for the State ACT on April 19.

What can and can’t my student bring to testing?
Your student cannot bring a cell phone or other electronic devices to testing. If they do bring their cell phone, a Ziploc bag will be provided for them to store their phone with the proctor for the entirety of the test. Your student needs to bring: a photo ID (driver’s license or current student ID), at least two #2 pencils (not ink pens or mechanical pencils), an ACT approved calculator, and any specific snacks they may want/need, which can only be consumed during break in the cafeteria. (We will provide a granola bar, an apple, and a water bottle.) Your students can leave his/her backpack in a locker, at home, in a car, or at the front of the class. No hats or sunglasses can be worn, and no hoods can be up in the testing rooms. School rules for dress and behavior will be enforced. If your student is dismissed from the test, s/he cannot take the test during the May make-up date.

What if my student is not sure of his/her plans after high school?
Having an ACT score on file is always a positive step! Planning for the future is not something done once—it is a continuous process. Choosing a career or attending college is a big decision. After taking the ACT, your student will receive a personalized score report. The Interest Inventory on this score report suggests careers and occupations based on your student’s interests.

What can your student do with these scores?
These ACT scores, Interest Inventory results, and College Readiness Benchmark indicators can help your student, your family, and the school direct your student’s senior year and post-secondary plans. Because this is an official score, the results can be used for admission and scholarship purposes. Additionally, your student can choose a total of four institutions (two-year trade/technical schools, four-year colleges/universities, and/or the NCAA) to receive these ACT scores for free.

What’s on the ACT?
The ACT is made up of four curriculum-based multiple-choice tests and a writing portion, which are detailed below.

Test 1: English—75 items—45 minutes Test 4: Science Reasoning—40 items—35 minutes
Test 2: Mathematics—60 items—60 minutes Test 5: Writing—30 minutes
Test 3: Reading —40 items—35 minutes

How can I help ensure my student is prepared to take the test?
We encourage students to be well-rested, well-nourished, and at school in their testing room by 7:15 AM on April 19. This time coincides with the typical start time for a Tuesday.
Below are a few tips to help your student when taking the ACT
• Carefully read the directions for each test and each question.
• Pace him/herself—don’t spend too much time on a single passage or question.
• Pay attention to the verbal announcement of “five minutes remaining” for each test.
• Answer the easy questions first, then go back and answer the more difficult ones.
• On difficult questions, eliminate as many incorrect answers as possible, then make an educated guess among those remaining.
• Answer every question. Scores on the multiple-choice tests are based on the number of questions you answer correctly. There is no penalty for guessing.
• If your student completes a test before time is called, recheck the work on that test.

Best of luck on your ACT testing!

Mike Kimbrel, Ph.D.
Director of Research, Evaluation, and Assessment
Park Hill School District