PSAT Administration 

The PSAT was administered PHS on Wednesday, October 19, 2016. See below for how to access results. 

The PSAT is the National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test for juniors; it is one criteria used for the selection of sophomore students for the Missouri Scholars Academy; and a great preparation tool for freshmen and sophomores who plan to take the exam in the future. For more information visit or contact Angie Sharp, PHS Counselor.

Benefits of the PSAT

PSAT Preparation

When students register to take the PSAT, they will be given a PSAT Student Guide. This guide contains information about the PSAT, test-taking advice and tips and an official practice test.

More detailed information regarding the test and additional practice questions can be found at

An additional, free, PSAT preparation opportunity is offered through Kaplan. Learn more by clicking here

PSAT Results

2016 PSAT Results are now available! Students can access their score reports online at Students are required to create an account. 

Upon creating an account, students will receive personalized feedback, practice, college planning and career exploration resources. In addition, students can: 

• See all your scores and if you are on track for college readiness; 
• View detailed explanations of skills required to be college ready; 
• Send your scores to Official SAT Practice on Khan Academy® for personalized practice recommendations; 
• Search for colleges that fit your needs; 
• Access your PSAT/NMSQT Selection Index score used for participation in programs conducted by National Merit Scholarship Corporation
• Start on your scholarship and college financial aid plan; 
• Explore Roadmap to Careers to learn about jobs and college majors that are right for you; and,
• Get feedback on your readiness for AP courses. 

In addition, on Tuesday, December 20, students will be given a paper copy of their score report during Tutorial. 

There are a number of resources available to help you understand your student’s PSAT Score Report.

To learn more about your score report, watch this video

To access the “Understanding Scores” link on the Collegeboard website, click here