Daily Bulletin

Today is FRIDAY, May 25th.

It is a BLACK day.




Man-Eating Meatballs
Crazy Cheesy Bread
Manager's Choice Entree

Premium Meal: Boneless Wings Bar



Jake Powers
Ms. Coursey, Professional Studies



05/26-                                  05/27-                                     05/28-

Collin Brougham                    Joseph Barraza                        Kyle Torrago
Jack Dehner                          Andrea Cote                            Thyra Aquilar
Diamond Gordon                   Rachael Kempton                     Samuel Andersen
Greyson Langer                     Don Mortensen                        Mia Dozier
Frankie Marconi                     Destinee Perkins                      Brooke Lakey
Benjamin Mattern                  Ta'Von Tusa                             Jake Lakey
Ms. Colvin, Art                                                                     Maxwell Pawela
Katherine Smith
Mr. Mangels, Industrial Tech



AllPE/Athletic lockers need to be cleaned and wiped out by this Friday. Items will be bagged in community storage and donated if not cleaned out and taken home. Lockers will be spun with new combinations next week.


FREE!!Computer Science Institute for Women

Dates: July 11 - 12, 2018

Location: University of Missouri-Kansas City

Department of Geosciences, Flarsheim Hall

5110 Rockhill Road, Kansas City MO

This 2-day workshop will cover the following topics:

- Working with environmental data from Internet of Things  sensors to identify trends
- Monitoring urban gardens and programming in smart apps
- Design and fabrication of a solar thermal collector by 3D printing technology
- Understanding climate change through computer simulations and modeling
- Calculating the energy of volcanic explosions using computer models and outdoor demonstrations
- Understanding spatial thinking in social science with Geographic Information System (GIS)

Registration: https://compsciforwomen.eventbrite.com