Enrolling a New Student


STEP ONE: Verify Attendance
• Verify that you live in PHS attendance area
• Go to http://www.parkhill.k12.mo.us/Pages/SchoolBoundaries.aspx
• Input your address to find out which school you are designated to attend

Withdraw from Previous School
• Let previous school know that you are withdrawing and ask for personal copies of current grades and/or unofficial transcripts and immunization record.

STEP THREE: Provide Proof of Residency
• Parent or Legal Guardian must bring the following to PHS Counseling Center between 7:00am-3:30pm (NO appointment necessary for this step):

• Two verifiable proofs of residence (ONLY the items below will be accepted)
    1. Mortgage Statement or a current one-year lease agreement. Must have
resident's name, any dependents’ names, property address, dates, and signatures of all parties.
    2. Current utility bill: gas, water or electric only will be accepted (must be within the past 30 days).
• Listing of school names the student has attended from the sixth grade to the present.
    1. This list MUST also contain the fax and phone numbers for the schools.
• Any Court or Legal Custody Agreements
• Valid photo ID of parent or legal guardian

*You will then sign a Request of Records allowing us to obtain past school records.

STEP FOUR: Enrollment Packet
• You will receive an enrollment packet which contains:
o Admissions Papers
o Emergency Contact Form
o FERPA Agreement Form
o Behavior Statement
o Code of Conduct
o Lunch document
o Opt out forms
o Bell Schedule
o Building Map
o Activities and athletics information

STEP FIVE: Enrollment Appointment
• Upon receipt and review of official records from previous schools, we will call you promptly for an appointment to enroll.
• Bring with you the following:
1.  Enrollment Packet
2. The student/counselor/parent will then meet to select courses.

**We encourage students to start school the same day they enroll.