Feedback and Participation




Meeting Dates:

                10/26     Meeting Agenda:  Purpose and Planning

                11/16     Meeting Agenda:  Banner of PHS and Goals

                12/7       Meeting Agenda:  Spring Semester 2021 Work

                2/15       Meeting Agenda:  Community Outreach

                4/5         Meeting Agenda:  Spring Semester 2021 Analysis

Meeting Location:

                Park Hill South Library
Meeting Times:


Participation:  We would love for families to participate.  Please email HERE

Purpose:  The Parent Advisory Council is a group of fifteen parents, guardians and administrators with different backgrounds and experiences to provide insight into personal experiences of self, student(s), family and community.  The council will provide direction to increase students’ sense of belonging through understanding needs and learning.  The Parent Advisory Council wants to share the story of PHS to others.


Student Feedback

                Administration has regular lunches with club leaders with Black Student Union (BSU), World Culture’s Club, Student Council (STUCO), Sexuality and Gender Alliance (SAGA) to name a few.

                There are also open lunches for any student to come and provide insight and feedback to their school environment and experiences to increase Park Hill South’s sense of belonging.  Our next open lunches will take place on Monday, 12/7 and Tuesday, 12/8 in E100.  Any student is welcome to join during their lunch on these days.


Open Feedback

                We would love to hear from you.  We value your opinion and experience.  Your feedback can be anonymous.  Please click HERE