Driving to School


Driving to school is a privilege for qualified seniors, juniors and sophomores.  Qualifying and maintaining eligibility is based upon attendance, no outstanding fines or disciplinary issues.

All vehicles parked on school campus must be registered and have a valid parking permit.  Vehicles without a valid parking permit may be fined $10.00 per day, detained or towed without additional notice. Parking permits can be purchased during registration or throughout the school year in the attendance office for $30.00 cash or check.  While the school will seek to maintain the safety of the car and its contents, authorized students must understand that they are fully responsible for their vehicle.

Parking Permits

Students must complete a Vehicle Registration Form available in the attendance office, provide current proof of insurance card, provide current Missouri vehicle registration, provide current and valid Missouri Driver's License, pay the parking fee of $30.00 to the attendance office.

If a student sells their car or changes to a vehicle not currently registered, the student must remove the registered sticker and return it to the office for a replacement sticker.  Returning the previous sticker will insure a replacement charge of $1.00.  Not returning the sticker could result in a new fee of $30.00 or denial of in-issuance of a parking sticker.

Temporary Parking Pass:

If a registered student has driven a vehicle other than the one that is registered, the student can obtain a temporary pass in the attendance office. If additional temporary pass days are needed, contact the attendance office to request an extended temporary pass.  There is a .50 charge for temporary passes.