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Senior Awards Night

On Tuesday, April 25th at 6:30pm we will honor the Class of 2017 and the awards you have been given to help fund your post-secondary education. This is a special event which highlights the hard work and dedication you have given throughout high school. In order to find out about the awards you have been given, we have created a Google Form for you to access as frequently as you need to provide us this information. If you have been given an award from an institution, but you are not sure you are going to use it, please still enter the informaiton. You have until April 1st to provide this informaiton. If you do not provide the information, we WILL NOT be aware of your achievements and therefore you will not be recognized. 

Please do not include loans or grants. 

Here is the link to the Google Form

If you have questions, please see Mrs. Sharp or Mrs. Janssens in the Counseling Office

A+ Scholarship 


Financial Aid