College Visit Procedures and Forms

Park Hill South believes college visits can be an important element of the college selection process. This is the following procedures to follow for college visit:
• You can download the form from our website or students may pick up a copy in the attendance or counseling office.
• A parent or guardian needs to call the attendance office at 816-359-4121 before the visit to excuse the absence.
• Have a college official sign the front of the form when visiting the college.
• The student needs to finish filling out the front with a parent’s signature.
• On the back of the form the student will rank each aspect of the school from 1-5 (1=poor, 5=excellent) and write a brief reflection in the space provided.
• Then return the form within 2 days of the visit to the attendance office.
• Once it has been approved it will reflect college visit (EC).

Please note that college visits do affect attendance percentage and potentially A+ eligibility.
This information will be shared with your Guidance Counselor to help facilitate conservations as you prepare to make your college decision.

College Visit Form 9-12-16.docx

Copy of College Visit worksheet.xlsx