Academic College Preparatory

This course is provided as an elective credit to help students be successful in their class(es) of rigor.  Typically a course of rigor is defined as an Advanced Placement or Dual Credit course. However, courses of rigor are individual to each learner and should stretch them to excel academically at a higher level than normal.  

The course description of Academic College Preparatory is:

The purpose of this class is to prepare students for success in both college and career experiences beyond high school. This course provides students with key academic skills that promote independent learning in high rigorous courses. Students explore a variety of tools that create insight and personal confidence when faced with academic and emotional challenges of rigorous coursework. This course encourages collaborative learning while also cultivating the development of each student’s individual needs. Furthermore, students will work among peers to understand and develop skills that bolster academic tenacity. Growth mindset, self-advocacy, emotional regulation and mindfulness skills are a few qualities this class will instill in learners throughout the course.

The Scope and Sequence of Academic College Preparatory is:

Timeframe   Component    Instructional Topics 
Ongoing   Introduction   Topic 1: Team Building
Topic 2: Goal Setting
Topic 3: Celebrating Success

Ongoing   Strategies for Enhancing Individual Academic Rigor

  Topic 1: AVID Schoolwide
Topic 2: Advantages of Rigor

Ongoing   Social Emotional Learning   Topic 1: Growth Mindset
Topic 2: Emotion Regulation
Topic 3: Self-Advocacy
Topic 4: Academic Tenacity

Students are placed into different sections of this class with other peers in like-courses.  For example, one section of Academic College Preparatory may have five College Algebra students, three Compositions and Reading students, six AP Psychology students, etc.. This is so the students can lean on each other to study for their course(s) of rigor to prepare them for their college experiences. 

See entire curriculum.

Drs. Esco and Herren lead a student group during tutorial that covers the skills and purpose of this course with students unable to take the course as a credit.  See our groups page for details.

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